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3-IN-1 Retractable USB Cable - 1.2M

RM 39.00

3-in-1 Retractable USB Cable - MicroUSB, USB-C, Lightning

The Baseus 3-in-1 retractable cable lets you charge three devices simultaneously at up to 3.5A.

Rolled up in a stunning, fabric-lined enclosure is a 120cm long flat cable that resists tangling and kinks, and it boasts the three connectors most commonly used for charging smart devices. With this cable, you can charge up to three devices with different USB comms, and at the same time!

- Universal 3-in-1 retractable cable by Baseus
- Features the three most popular USB connectors for wide compatibility
- Suitable for charging smartphones, tablets, power banks, gamepads, and other devices
- Classy design with aluminum casing coated with high-quality fabric
- Portable form factor with a flat, tangle-free cable
- Reinforced connectors and high-quality copper wires
- Smart chip ensures adequate charging current for the connected device

Note: To avoid winding mechanism or cable damage, please make sure that you pull both ends of the cable at the same time.

- Connectors: USB Type-A 2.0, MicroUSB/USB Type-C/Lightning 8-pin (all male)
- Max charging current: 3.5A
- Data transmission rate (Lightning only): 480Mbps
- Preset lengths: 35cm / 60cm / 80cm / 110cm / 120cm
- Materials: aluminum, TPE, fabric